The foundation of becoming a gentleman and a demon is laid in the rising age. Once a person has grown up, he becomes a slave to habits and then it is very difficult to change or improve it, if not impossible. It is easy for the gardener to shape his plants in the initial days. Once the big trees are formed, their is a very little scope of Improvement. All the changes and improvements of routine, tradition, behavior, language, identity etc. take place by the age of 8 years. Therefore, proper attention should be paid to their mental, emotional and spiritual development along with the physical development of children at this age, so that they could add value to their family, society and nation. This one-day session is an innovative endeavor towards the overall development of the personality of our future youth.

Garbh Vigyan

It has been said that mother is the architect of a child . She is basic creator of physical, mental and emotional development of fetus. Her diet, thought and emotions, strong will power, family and social environment affect the various component of developing fetus in desired manner with the help of different hormonal release.
The story of Abhimanyu reveals the fact that fetus learnt the art of breaking chakravyuh inside the womb of his mother Subhadra who was given the information by Arjun. Its not a fictional story. According to principle of formative causation of Dr. Roopart Sheldrek of Cambridge university a metaphysical force called Morphogenetic force is generated by mothers thoughts, emotions, diet, family and social environment during pregnancy which is responsible for the development of personality, thought, emotions, skill, talent, character of a child.
During this session we target Refinement, purification & conditioning of Physical, Astral & Causal body of the unborn.