River Cleaning and Revamping of Water Sources

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One of the primary movements among the “Sapt Aandolan” is ‘Environment Preservation’. One of the primary focus under this is the cleaning of rivers, revamping of lost water sources and creating awareness around this cause.
The youth group of Pune Gayatri Parivar is very sensitive and active towards this movement.

Youth group Pune visited nearby places and villages where there are flowing rivers and other water sources present in very bad and polluted condition. We identified two major spots among them. These are Alandi and Dehu. Both of these are sacred places and workplaces of the great and well-known saints Shri Gyaneshwar Mauli and Shri Tukaram Maharaj respectively.

Youth group Pune visited Dehu on last Sunday of every month from past three years continuously. On each visit, we cleaned the ghaats of Indrayani river thoroughly. At the same time spread the awareness in the visitors and local residents of Dehu village for keeping the ghaats and river clean.

Continuous and sincere efforts shown their results. Local residents and government officials offered their help and started working with us hand in hand.

We also performed a very impressive scientific spiritual experiment i.e. Deep Yagya at the ghaats of Dehu which created positive vibes for the cause.

Now one can visit the Dehu ghaats and can observe the serenity of the place which is the result of collective efforts of the locals and the initiative of Gayatri Parivar youth group Pune.

Same sort of drive has been started for Alandi as well. We are continuously putting efforts to clean the ghaats and spreading awareness for the same in visitors and locals of Alandi.

At Alandi, we found another aspect for this cleaning drive. There are some ancient water ponds with the natural source of clean and sweet water. But due to ignorance and development of city area, these ponds got lost or were covered with garbage.

We as a team decided to revamp these ponds one by one. We are happy to quote that we have cleaned and revamped two ponds in very short span of time. This task was very much appreciated by the local residents and government officials of Alandi. They assured us to extend their help to us in revamping all the ponds to their actual state.

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