How I got Blessed by Gurusatta!

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What would be better than being born in a family has a history of serving ‘Gurusatta’ than getting known from somewhere about it and then following them!

When you are born into such kind of atmosphere, ‘the untold blessings are felt straight in your heart’.Though, every follower becomes righteous of their guru’s blessings and their idol’s ‘Kripa’, the formers are not the wanted ones. They actually feel it in their life, their action and their ‘sanskars’.

Grateful I am that I biologically belong to a family that is not only the follower or ‘bhaktas’ of ‘Jagatjanani – Maa Gayatri’ and following the All World Gayatri Pariwar, but also blessed to have the members who have contributed their huge efforts to give shape to the foundation stones of AWGP to embrace ‘Jan Kalyan – Lok Kalyan’. Our grandfather and grandmother have totally devoted their life to Gayatri Pariwar to help people get the blessings of Maa Gayatri all through their life and they have enrooted all such features in all of us to serve humanity and improve our own self as well.

However, it is not about being called the greatest follower of gurusatta, but to take their teachings and morals to every bit of human care, respect and benefits. This is what we are taught since we understood the actual meaning of prayers. Our honourable Gurudev and Mataji have modified and simplified the routine as well as specific cultural, social, education and occupational practices so that they should not make a stubborn effect in one’s life, especially in the changing era. We got to believe in doing what is ‘important’ than taking the ‘superstitions’ so far. This is what that I just don’t love, but adore and respect.

I am just a normal human being like you and sharing my own thoughts to let know others that that is a horizon far beyond the ‘acting-kind-a-life’ we are living and that should be touched for sure by everybody to get the real peace, health and mental stability and solitude in life. When you are in the shelter of gurusatta – actual ‘tatvadarshan’ is possible so easily. With the promise of bringing more shareable posts, signing out for now!

Jai Gurudev!

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